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Biology guess paper 9th class 2019

Looking for the new guess of Biology class 9 Matric? Here we have published the 9th class Biology Guess Paper 2019
All Punjab boards 9th class biology guess paper 2019

Short Questions
Define biology
Genetics' morphology
 Abdul malik as mai
Jabir bin hayan.
Write name of 6 bioelements that make 99% our body.
Define colonial organization
 Scientific name of frog and star fish
How deduction are made from hypothesis
 Define plasmodium
Characteristics of good hypothesis
 Define bioinformatics
 Define biodiversity
 Difference b/w flora and fauna
Define binomial nomenclature
Define end raged and extinct species
Define deforestation and soil erosion
 Define resolution and magnification
Primary wall and scendory wall
Fluid and mosaic model.
Diff. RER and SER
Define leucoplast
Facilitated diffusion
Osmosis.targer pressure
Define endocytosis
Difference b/w sieve tube cells and companion cell
Spindel fibre
How metaphase plate formed
Define crossing over
Errors in mitosis
Define substrate and product
Uses of enzymes
Define prosthetic group.induced fit model of enzymes
Define ATP and its subunit
Define pigment?
Difference b/w aerobic and anaerobic respiration

Define electron transport chain
What is the role of nitrogen in plant life.
Major and trace minerals?sources of vitamin A?Symptoms of dengue fever?goitre? steps of nutrition?

 Symptoms of diarrhoea?
Emulsification? functions of liver.
Define mode of nutrition in fungi?transportation?
 Transpirational pull?
Universal doners and universal recipient
Pulmonary and systematic circuit
Difference antigen and antibody?
Long Questions
Unit 1:
Divisions and branches of biology?
Careers and Muslim scientists?
Cellular organization?
Unit 4:
cell wall?
Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells?
 Active Transport?
 Animal Tissues?
 Compound tissues
Unit 6:
Factors affecting the rate of Enzyme action?
Uses of enzymes?
Characteristics of enzymes?
 Unit 7:
Photosynthesis ?
Limiting factors  in Photosynthesis?
 Aerobic and anaerobic respiration ?
Vitamin A?
 Role of calcium and Iron?
 Effects of malnutrition?
 Importance of fertilizers
? Role of large intestine
? Disorders of Gut
Unit 9:
ABO blood group system
? Blood disorders?
Heart beat?
 Heart rate and pulse rate?
 Factors affecting the rate of respiration?

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