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New paper pattern English 12th 2019

Pattern part Two English 

Book Two 

Modern prose           Herose
⬇                                      ⬇
Part 1 (10 Marks)       Part 2 (5 Marks)

Good Bye Mr.Chips (Noval)
Subjective part No 1 (Marks 08)
Q.No 1)

(a) S.Q (06out of 09) Marks =12 part I book I
S.Q (06out of 09) Marks=12 book ii part ii

S.Q (08out of 12)=16 (Novel)

Q.No2: Essay Marks 15

Q.No3: Idioms and phrasal verbs Marks 10 

Q.No4:Urdu Translation Into English Marks 15

Q.No5:MCQS Marks 20 

Synonyms 03 marks (Book ii part i)

Synonyms 03 (book ii part ii)

Synonyms 04 (Novel )

Q.No6 (a)
Preposition 05 Marks 

Correction 05 
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