How to learn English Grammer?

Learnt English Grammar Part 1

Dear Students!
  If you are learning English.You pay heads in these tense.There are Four Tense.
1:Present Tense 
2:Past Tense 
3:Past perfect Tense 
4:Future Tense 

In this article we are learning only one tense  with details.So Let's starts.

1:Present Tense 
  In this tense there are more four tense.

i) Present Simple Tense 
(Fil hal mutluq)
(In this tense we are add s,es,sh,Do,Does)

He         watches      TV.
⬇               ⬇              ⬇
Subject       Verb         Object.
◾They tech us English.
◾He does not teach us English.
◾We do not take tea.
◾Does she cook food?
◾Do they go to office?
◾Who writes a letter.

2:Present Continuous Tense/Verb
(Fil Hal Jari)
(In this tense we are add is,are,am➕ing)
⚫She is boiling water.
⚫We are playing hockey.
⚫I am offering prayer.
⚫He is not making a noise.
⚫Are you learning your lesson?
⚫Am I watering the plants?
3:Present prefect Tense
(Fil Hal mukaml)
Now add has,have➕3rd form
⚫She has milked the cow.
⚫They have finished their work.
⚫He has not taught us English.

4:Present perfect continuous Tense
(Fil Hal Mukaml jri)
Has been,Have been ➕3rd form ing)
And use four,Since with time
⚫He has been working for an hour.
⚫We have been watching TV Since Evening.

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