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English grammer 2018

Dear students!
     In this article you are learnt English Tense
"Last Tense"
Future simple Tense
(Fil mstaqbil sada)
We know in this tense come will and first form.


He will get up early.

We shall take dinner.

She will not drink water.

Shall I  eat Apple's?

Where will you keep books?

Who will fetch water?

Future Continuous Tense

(Fil mustaqbil jari)
In this tense come will be plus ing with first  form .

He will be milking the goats.
I shall be taking supper.
She will not be making a noise.
Will they be growing crops?
Who will be knocking at the door?
Future perfect Tense
(Fil mustaqbil mukamal)

In this tense add will have &3rd form 
He will have written a letter .
We shall have done our work.
You will not have posted a letter.
Will he have gone to office?

Last Tense
Future perfect Continuous Tense 
Add will have been & first form with ing.

Mn umeed karta ho ap  ko  meray likhay hovay tense samijh a jain  gay Inshallah.
Allah ap ko har filed  mn kamyabi day Ameen.

Ager  ap  English mukamal sekh jain  gay to Ap mn confident ziada ho ga.
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