English grammar Tense

Dear students!
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Lesson 2)i
1:Past Simple Tense
(Fil mazi mutlaq)
Add 2nd form with yesterday,ago,last,previous
And with negative 1st form.
⚪He wrote a letter yesterday.

⚪She did not take dinner.

⚪They did not play well.

2:Past Continuous Tense
(Fil Mazi Jari)
Add was,were plus ing

⚪He was dusting the furniture.

⚪They were watering the plants.

⚪I was boiling water.

⚪Was she cleaning the room?

⚪We're we learning the lesson?

⚪You were not playing well.

3:Past Perfect Tense
(Fil Mazi Mukamal)
Add had plus 3rd form

⚫He had completed his work.

⚫We had gone to office.

⚫She had not watered the plants.

⚫Had he thought urdu?

4:Past perfect Continuous Tense
(Fil Mazi mukamal jari)
Add had been with ing
⚫He had been teaching poem for an hour.

⚫We had been playing hockey since 1999.

⚫She had not been playing games since 2013.
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